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Who We Service

24/7 traffic Control

We serve any industry: anywhere traffic control would apply. The top industries we service are milling, paving, and utility. We can accomplish anything for traffic control and no industry holds limits for our ATSSA certified crew. Whether tree trimming interferes with traffic or a prevailing wage assignment places construction cranes in the road, Safe Zone Services is up to the task. 

We are a prequalified contractor for KYTC, and have serviced site builds, underground construction to commercial construction for hotels, and fiber optic companies. Ultimately, we are a one-stop shop that keeps the public off your back — so you can focus on the objectives demanding your attention. 

Our crews are fully equipped with all signage: lane closure, road closure or flagging operation. Safe Zone Services is ready to change zones as needed throughout the day — without having to take time out to order more signage should the traffic pattern change. Our trucks are also equipped with mounted arrow boards, beacon lights and cones; brightly signed and marked for high visibility. 

Traffic Control plans

At Safe Zone Services, we prioritize safety and efficiency when it comes to managing traffic control. Before heading out to any site, our dedicated team of experts meticulously designs comprehensive traffic control plans tailored to each specific location. We understand that every project and site present unique challenges, and that's why our skilled professionals conduct thorough site evaluations and analysis. By taking into account factors such as traffic volume, surrounding infrastructure, and potential hazards, we ensure that our traffic control plans are tailored to optimize the flow of vehicles while safeguarding the well-being of pedestrians, workers, and motorists alike. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail guarantees that our clients can rely on us to deliver top-notch traffic management solutions that prioritize safety above all else.

A standard equipment package from Safe Zone Services includes:

A SZS Decaled Company Truck with a mounted arrow board, an Amber/White Beacon Light, and a GPS navigation system.

  • 1-2 ATSSA Certified Traffic Control team members

  • 30 - 28” retro reflective cones

  • 6 - Windmaster sign stands

  • 2 - 36” Retro reflective Road Work Ahead Signs

  • 2 - 36” Retro reflective One Lane Road Signs

  • 2 - 36” Retro reflective Flagger Ahead Symbol Signs

  • 1 - 36” Retro reflective Right/Left Lane Closed Ahead Sign

  • 1 - 36” Retro reflective Double Merge Symbol Sign

  • 2 - 24” Retro reflective Stop/Slow Paddles at 7-Foot Height

  • 2 - Multi Channel, high frequency 2-way radios

  • 1 - First Aid Kit

  • 1 - Fire extinguisher

  • 1 - Cooler with Ice cold waters

Our standard package covers flagging and lane closure operations. Any additional equipment can be provided upon request, including: Road Closed, Closed Ahead, and Detour Signs, stationary stop signs, towable arrow board, etc. Light, and a GPS navigation system.